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Amid Raids, New York Times Comments On Its Manish Sisodia Report

New York Times carried a report on Delhi’s education model under Manish Sisodia

New Delhi:

Just as the raids on Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia were ending, the New York Times issued a strong response making it clear that its front-page article on the politician’s transformation of Delhi’s healthcare system and government schools was completely unbiased.

“Our report about efforts to improve Delhi’s education system is based on impartial, on-the-ground reporting, and education is an issue that The New York Times has covered over many years. Journalism from The New York Times is always independent, free from political or advertiser influence,” said Nicole Tylor, a spokesperson for the newspaper, to NDTV.

In his press conference, after the raids by the CBI began at Mr Sisodia’s home, accusing him of implementing a liquor policy for Delhi that was seeped in corruption and kickbacks, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the CBI action was prompted by the prominence given by a world-class newspaper to the accomplishments of his deputy. “The CBI raids come on a day when the Delhi education model was praised and Manish Sisodia’s picture printed on the front page of America’s largest newspaper NYT (New York Times)” he said. 

The BJP tried to discredit the article and Mr Sisodia by flagging it as “paid news”, an outlandish claim that was refuted by the newspaper. 

Addressing the media, BJP leader Parvesh Varma held up the New York Times and the Khaleej Times and claimed that their articles on Mr Sisodia were identical and therefore smacked of a planted report. 

By pointing out that other publications syndicate its content, the New York Times has shot down the charge. 

“They are lying on national TV! The New York Times piece credits their staff (Karandeep Singh). In the Khaleej Times, it is written below the article – courtesy New York Times,” AAP’s Saurabh Bharadwaj said. “I challenge them, use whatever money you have, whatever power you have. You try and get an article published in New York Times if you think that is possible,” he added.

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