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Chic Nonna is Now Open

Mine Lifestyle Dining by Mine & Yours Group, the leading Italian hospitality company in Dubai, announces the much-awaited opening of Chic Nonna, an all-new Italian concept located in the heart of DIFC. Comprising of a restaurant, bar, and lounge, featuring a state-of-the-art open-plan kitchen, Chef’s table, and what is known to be the largest wine cellar in the region, Chic Nonna is set to be more than just a charming Italian restaurant.

A one-of-a-kind venue where Italian heritage embraces Dubai’s cosmopolitan essence, the two-storey gourmet osteria, designed by LW Interiors Design and Eric Kuster, is set to deliver the ideal blend of timelessness merged with authentic Italian cuisine and hospitality.

The culinary team, spearheaded by Group Culinary Director and Executive Chef Vito Mollica, along with Head Chef, Ilaria Zamperlin, are sure to turn heads with a menu designed to strike a harmonious balance between Italian culinary tradition and innovation. While continuously paying homage to much-loved Italian flavors, guests can begin their journey at Chic Nonna with the Vitelo Tonnata; milk-fed veal cooked slowly to perfection, sliced on a plate, and topped with a homemade tonnata sauce (mayo and confit tuna blended together). The dish is completed with soft-boiled quail eggs, roasted bell peppers, and anchovy and caper dressing, and garnished with dill and oregano. For mains, guests can choose to indulge in the Stuffed Quail; quail stuffed with chicken liver paté, slow cooked and roasted to perfection, served on a bed of creamy mashed potato, sautéed asparagus, and quail jus, finished with black truffle shavings, or the Roasted Veal Shank; a slow roasted veal shank glazed with luscious veal jus and fresh chives. Pasta lovers must try the Cavatelli Cacio e Pepe; a signature dish of Chef Vito. This is made with homemade cavatelli pasta, sautéed in pecorino cheese and black pepper sauce, topped with marinated Mazara red prawns and poached needle squid. Another quintessential must-have is the Plin Ravioli al Tovagliolo; delicate homemade ravioli filled with a braised duck that is carefully pinched close (“plin” means “pinched” in local Piedmont dialect). Once cooked, the ravioli are served inside a folded linen napkin (tavagliolo) with a side of sage, butter, and duck jus.

For further information visit: www.chicnonna.com


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