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Delicious Food & Drinks Join Spooky Souvenir Serveware for Disney Halloween 2022 at Tokyo

With Disney Halloween 2022 just around the corner at Tokyo Disney Resort, the Oriental Land Company has revealed its slate of Halloween food, drinks, snacks, and souvenir serveware coming to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea this spooky season!

TDR HalloweenFood2022 1

This year at Tokyo Disneyland, guests can take a grand circle tour around the park to try all five special Halloween drinks, each available at different outlets! Each comes in a special cup with a ghost Mickey chocolate topper.

Tea Jelly & Orange Sparkling Drink – ¥600 ($4.49)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 3

At Refreshment Corner on World Bazaar, you can pick up this orange-flavored delight with tea jelly at the bottom. And this one is extra-special since it comes with a purple straw!

Lemon & Butterfly Pea Syrup Sparkling Drink – ¥600 ($4.49)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 4

At Captain Hook’s Galley in Fantasyland, we find this drink with a rather interesting flavor. We’re told butterfly pea is a floral flavor that somewhat resembles chamomile.

Coca-Cola & Passionfruit Syrup Sparkling Jelly Drink – ¥600 ($4.49)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 5

Tomorrowland Terrace is home to this drink which includes lemons on top along with Coca-Cola mixed with passionfruit syrup.

Grape & Sherbet Sparkling Jelly Drink – ¥600 ($4.49)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 6

A more ice cream-style flavor is available at Plazma Ray’s Diner in Tomorrowland, with a grape and sherbet flavor.

Double Berry & Milk Tapioca Sparkling Drink – ¥600 ($4.49)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 7

And finally at Huey, Dewey, & Louie’s Good Time Cafe in Toontown, don’t miss the latest tapioca drink at the park with a very sweet berry flavor.

Bacon, Pumpkin Salad, and Cheese Cream Sandwich with Souvenir Lunch Case – ¥2370 ($17.72)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 8
TDR HalloweenFood2022 9

At Sweetheart Cafe, the special sandwich this season is a black fold-over sandwich with bacon, pumpkin salad, cheese cream, and as always a liberal helping of lettuce. A ghost Mickey is baked in on top of the bread.

TDR HalloweenFood2022 10

And of course it also comes with a souvenir lunch case as an upcharge.

Chestnut Custard & Orange Sundae – ¥780 ($5.83)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 11

Ice Cream Cones on World Bazaar will serve up this delightful new fall treat, which mixes a nutty flavor with citrus.

Eastside Cafe Special Set – ¥3400 ($25.42)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 12

This special set at Eastside Cafe features an antipasto misto of truffle-infused mushroom and scallop pie, marinated pacific pike, a pumpkin frittata, cherry tomato, and basil. The main course is a spaghettini of salsiccia and eggplant in tomato-paprika sauce. And for dessert, you’ll have mascarpone mousse & pumpkin custard cream along with an orange compote & lemon jelly. And each meal comes with bread as well.

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen Special Set – ¥1780 ($13.31)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 13

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen is getting back in the seasonal food mix for the first time in a while with an omurice with beef and tomato demi-glace sauce, pumpkin gratin, baumkuchen with mixed berry sauce, and choice of soft drink.

Maple Pumpkin Churros – ¥500 ($3.70)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 14

Maple Pumpkin Churros are back again as always, with three new wrappers depicting Mickey, Minnie, Chip, and Dale going trick-or-treating. These are available at both parks — at Pecos Bill Cafe at Tokyo Disneyland and Hudson River Harvest at Tokyo DisneySea.

Ristorante di Canaletto Special Set – ¥5500 ($40.73)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 15

The special set begins with a seafood salad and pumpkin torta before moving on to a treccie di giulietta pasta with tuna cheeks and mushrooms in red wine cream sauce with walnuts. The secondary appetizer after is a beef involtini with marsala sauce and saffron risotto, and finally a strawberry and grape maritozzi for dessert.

S.S. Columbia Dining Room Special Set – ¥5500 ($40.73)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 16

At S.S. Columbia Dining Room, guests start off with a duck and orange rillette with redcurrant jus and chestnut sauce along with a black sesame tuile. For the main course, you’ll enjoy oven-baked roast beef and lobster, along with shrimp in feuille de brick. For dessert, a fruit and chocolate cream verrine and mixed berry cake.

Magellan’s Special Course – ¥10000 ($74.07)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 17

At Magellan’s, enjoy a sea bream and turnip espuma, gâteau-style, with a gruyere of longfin tuna with vin blanc sauce. Then a poached wagyu beef and roasted duck in vin rouge sauce. For dessert an amanatsu and fig cheese tart with La France pear sorbet.

Tandoori Chicken & Pumpkin Gratin Sandwich with Souvenir Lunch Case – ¥2670 ($19.78)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 18
TDR HalloweenFood2022 20

At Tokyo DisneySea, guests can pick up a totally different lunch case along with this new sandwich at New York Deli in American Waterfront.

Yucatán Base Camp Grill Special Set – ¥1980 ($14.67)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 21

In Lost River Delta, indulge on this roast beef with beet sauce, sausage on the bone with a garlic cheese dipping sauce, skull-shaped rice, walnut cake, and choice of soft drink.

Horizon Bay Restaurant Special Set – ¥2980 ($22.07)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 22

At Horizon Bay Restaurant, enjoy a mushroom chowder, grilled beef with pumpkin cream sauce, choice of bread or rice, a purple sweet potato tart with chestnut cream, and choice of soft drink.

Café Portofino Special Set – ¥2980 ($22.07)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 23

Café Portofino Pasta Set – ¥1980 ($14.67)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 24

Café Portofino will offer two special sets with different entrees — either a beef sirloin cutlet with tomato barbecue sauce and tomato butter rice with cheese, or one of two pastas — a linguine seafood salsa pomodoro or linguine clams genovese. The other items are the same, a pumpkin cream soup with pancetta and a chestnut cream cake with nuts.

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Vulcania Special Dessert Set – ¥520 ($3.85)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 25

At Vulcania Restaurant, you can enjoy a special dessert plate with a sesame seed dumpling, Taiwanese sponge cake, and almond jelly.

Chocolate Drink with Coffee Jelly – ¥600 ($4.44)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 26

Available at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen and Zambini Brothers Ristorante.

Violet Syrup Sparkling Drink – ¥600 ($4.44)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 27

Available at Café Portofino.

Cassis Syrup & Mixed Spices Beer Cocktail – ¥780 ($5.78)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 28

Available at Barnacle Bill’s.

Vodka & Green Apple Sparkling Cocktail – ¥780 ($5.78)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 29

Available at Hudson River Harvest.

Apple Sparkling Cocktail – ¥780 ($5.78)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 30

Available at New York Deli.

Rum & Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Cocktail – ¥780 ($5.78)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 31

Available at Refrescos.

Chocolate Liqueur & Orange Cocktail – ¥780 ($5.78)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 32

Available at Nautilus Galley.

Coaster – +¥600 ($4.44)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 33

Available with purchase of the special drinks at Tomorrowland Terrace and Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen.

Souvenir Straw – +¥600 ($4.44)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 34

Available with purchase of the special drinks at Tomorrowland Terrace and Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen.

Tray – +¥1200 ($8.89)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 35

Available with the special sets at Grandma Sara’s Kitchen and Café Portofino.

Custard Pudding & Chestnut Cream with Souvenir Cup – ¥900 ($6.67)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 36

Available at Sweetheart Café and Zambini Brothers Ristorante among other locations.

Pumpkin Mousse Cake with Souvenir Cake – ¥850 ($6.30)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 37

Available at Sweetheart Café and Zambini Brothers Ristorante among other locations.

Sweet Potatoes & Almonds with Souvenir Cup – ¥900 ($6.67)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 38
TDR HalloweenFood2022 39

Available at Plazma Ray’s Diner and Horizon Bay Restaurant among other locations.

TDR HalloweenFood2022 40

Mickey Ghost in Popcorn Souvenir Candy Case – ¥950 ($7.04)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 41

Available at Refreshment Corner, Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s Good Time Café, Hudson River Harvest, and New York Deli.

Souvenir Pouch – +¥700 ($5.18)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 42
TDR HalloweenFood2022 43

Available with purchase of a churro at Pecos Bill Café and Hudson River Harvest.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Balloon Candy Case – ¥1150 ($8.52)

TDR HalloweenFood2022 44

Available at Sweetheart Café, Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s Good Time Café, Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery, and Zambini Brothers Ristorante.

Which of these are you most excited to see this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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