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DFR: Turkish escalation against the region is a danger to Syria, support for ISIS and

The Department of Foreign Relations issued today a statement about the escalation of the Turkish occupation state’s attacks on the region, which said:

 “ In light of the recent developments with regard to Syria and our region, where several meetings took place and all of them emphasized the issue of a political solution, especially in light of Turkey’s pursuit of more war, as we support these efforts for a political solution, but we refuse that the agreement on a political solution is against the interest Syria and its people, such as some agreements and understandings, as the “Adana” agreement “.

Despite all the developments, the Turkish state continues its genocidal war against our people and regions, where it uses multiple weapons, including artillery and drones, in order to provoke the forces on the border on the one hand and in an effort to target civilians with the aim of creating chaos and forcing the people to flee in order to occupy new areas and annex them to its occupation project..

Turkey also seeks revenge against ISIS by targeting leaders who fought ISIS, such as Comrade Jiyan and her companions in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), as well as targeting the internal security forces in Ain Issa and Kobani.

Thefragility positions of the guarantor countries of the cease-fire process appears again and seriously, as it becomes clear that there is leniency and disregard for what Turkey is doing against our regions .

We affirm in the Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria that this Turkish escalation will never serve the Syrian interest and pose a danger to all of Syria and its people. Without a doubt, it legitimizes the Turkish occupation and support for ISIS to come back again “.



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