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Former ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Slams Ashley Jones’ Fight With Briana DeJesus;

File this under: “Things we shouldn’t care about but we kind of do…”

One day after Briana DeJesus exposed that her Teen Mom: The Next Chapter co-star, Ashley Jones, is secretly pregnant, Bri’s pal Jenelle Evans is jumping into the fight.

The Ashley broke the news on Friday that Ashley and Briana (and their moms) got into a physical fight on the set of Teen Mom Family Reunion this week, causing all four to be kicked off the show. The fight also kicked off a major social media brawl between the girls and several other ‘Teen Mom’ cast members.

Although Jenelle is not part of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ cast, she was one of the first people from the ‘Teen Mom’ world to weigh in after The Ashley’s story broke. She slammed Ashley for spitting on Bri. (Ashley later confirmed on social media that she did, indeed, spit on Bri during the fight.)

Soon, Ashley and Jenelle’s social media sparring turned to the topic of Ashley’s pregnancy and the fact that Jenelle doesn’t currently have custody of all of her kids. (As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Jenelle’s mother Barbara has had custody of Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace, since he was a baby.) 

“You girls have too much time on ya hands! Ya always fightin’ on tha Internet or Tick Tack!”

Let’s recap the “talking words” exchanged by Ashley and Jenelle, shall we? 

Jenelle kicked things off, coming out of nowhere to give her opinion on the spitting situation, despite having nothing to do with any of it.

“Spitting on someone is assault and then self-defense is legal in lots of states after that happens, just sayin’,” Jenelle began.

“PER LAW! You guys can feel free to call me if you need a Harvard-educated JD law degree lawyer!”

Jenelle then scolded MTV for putting the girls in the same house.

“But at the same time what do you expect putting girls with tension on the same show…?”

“They expect everyone to act like adults and not beat on eachotha like middle school bullies! It’s a weird concept to ya guys, I know!” 

“Let me clarify…I am responding to Ashley’s comments BTW…All I said yesterday was spitting is illegal and she’s trippin’,” Jenelle added later.

Soon, Ashley turned her focus on responding to Jenelle. She basically told Jenelle to mind her business and focus on getting custody of Jace back. (Of course, the way Ashley put it was a bit less, um…kind.) 

“Jenelle if you put the same energy into getting your kids back as you do d**k riding, you’d be one big happy family,” Ashley wrote on Instagram.

Jenelle then took a swing at Ashley (pun very much intended) for trying to fight Briana and Roxanne while she is pregnant. (As The Ashley reported, Briana exposed Ashley’s pregnancy while bickering on social media. Ashley later confirmed on Instagram that she is, indeed, pregnant with her second child.) 

“Not to mention…throwing fists while pregnant?” Jenelle wrote. “Maybe you need to worry about your own family and kids. You’re trash, like pure trash. Every time you speak it shows. Child endangerment already…”

What I picture it looked like at the ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ as everyone was getting kicked off the set…

From there, Ashley’s sister, Chris entered the chat and decided to chuckle over the fact that Jenelle was calling Ashley out for endangering her child.

“You are the last MF to be calling someone trash Jenelle,” Ashley’s sister wrote on Instagram. “Every weekend I see you swimming in a body of water that look like s**t water. I’m sure it’s the same water your farm animals bathe in. Your entire life is a s**t show.” 

“Jokes on you. No one or nuthin’ ’round these parts bathe much at all. So there!”

Ashley’s sister then attached a clip of a classic Jenelle moment from ‘Teen Mom 2,’ in which Jenelle is shown having a conflict with another driver and then pulling a gun out, despite the fact that Jace is in the car with her at the time. 

On Saturday, Jenelle told her Instagram followers that her stories about Ashley had been removed after they had been reported for “bullying and harassment.” 

She then showed footage of herself in her pool on The Land, relaxing with a Natural Ice beer (which seems to be the preferred beverage these days on the swampy shores of Jenelle’s home). The video was obviously Jenelle trying to show Ashley that her life is not a “s**t show” as Ashley’s sister claimed. Jenelle captioned her video, “‘Your life is s**t’…I’m doing just fine.”

“I’m over here livin’ the Swamp Queen’s dream!”

Stay tuned…

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