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Kiely Rodni’s mother says Amber Alert ‘should have been issued immediately’ – live

California officials discuss search for Kiely Rodni

The mother of Kiely Rodni has said an Amber Alert should have been “been issued immediately” as the desperate search to find her missing 16-year-old daughter entered the sixth day.

Kiely was last seen around 12.30am on 6 August near the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, where she attended an allegedly alcohol-fuelled gathering of more than 200 teens and young adults.

An investigation was launched by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office the next morning after Kiely failed to show up for a hike with friends.

The case is being treated as an abduction because Kiely’s car is unaccounted for. More than 260 personnel have been canvassing the area on the ground and in the air and more than 500 tips have been received from the public.

Investigators say they don’t have any new leads, but still suspect someone in the community knows more.

Kiely’s mother Lindsey Rodni-Nieman urged anyone at the party who has information to speak up.

“We are desperate for any other teens to come out and share the last pieces of the story that nobody seems to be able to piece together,” she told The Independent.


Lack of information about where car was parked at party

Six days on from her disappearance, authorities are still struggling to piece together details about where exactly Kiely Rodni’s car was last seen at the campground party.

Investigators were asked at a community meeting on Thursday night where Kiely’s car – a silver 2013 Honda CRV – was parked at the Prosser Family Campground on 6 August and what other vehicles were parked near it.

Officials said that was one of the details they were still “trying to piece together”.

“That question is on a list of about a thousand others we have,” they said.


Investigators going door to door for footage of Kiely

Investigators have been going door to door in the local community to try to find any possible footage of Kiely Rodni’s movements.

Placer County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Josh Barnhart said at a community meeting on Thursday night that authorities are collecting videos and photos from both people at the campground party and from surveillance footage and doorbell cameras in the surrounding areas.

“We are continuing to collect media from every source – video, photos, people at party are coming in so we can use data from their phones,” he said.

“The FBI and detectives are going door to door collecting data and Ring camera videos… [footage] from gas stations etc… cameras at intersections.”

Authorities urged people to share any footage or photos that could help in the investigation and to come forward with any information.

Anyone with information is asked to email [email protected], contact Detective Stephanie Frykberg at (530) 392-5609, or call the anonymous tip line at (530) 581-6320.


The last known contact from Kiely Rodni

The last time Kiely Rodni was accounted for was at 12.33am on Saturday morning, with no known contact from or sightings of the missing teen for more than six days.

Placer County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Josh Barnhart confirmed the timing at a community meeting on Thursday night.

“12.33am was the last known time that we have for Kiely,” he said.

“Anything after that we have not been able to find. And so please again we urge and beg you, if you were there and you know something please come forward and give us that information so we can continue our investigation past 12.33.”


Boyfriend of Kiely Rodni reveals last conversation before she vanished

The boyfriend of Kiely Rodni has broken his silence to reveal the last conversation he had with her before she vanished without a trace at a campground party – as the search for the missing teenager now enters its fifth day.

Jagger Westfall texted his 16-year-old girlfriend to tell her to “be safe” and “don’t do anything stupid” on Friday night as she headed to a senior farewell party at the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, California.

“And so I was just like, OK. Be safe. Don’t like, do anything stupid,” he told KTXL.

The Independent’s Rachel Sharp has the full story:


Mother says ‘nothing out of the ordinary’ day Kiely vanished

Kiely’s mother Lindsey Rodni-Nieman told The Independent that there was “nothing out of the ordinary” with her daughter on the day she vanished without a trace.

It was just like any normal day, she said, as mother and daughter chatted about their plans for Friday in their family home that morning.

“It was ‘morning, hi, love you’ and talking about plans for the day – just a little check-in as normal,” said Ms Rodni-Nieman.

“She was going to see some friends and maybe go to the gym… We also talked about her plans to go camping the following night. And then we said ‘have a great day and love you’.”

She said: “She did not seem out of the ordinary at all.

“Everything seemed the same, she had a big smile on her face and she was ready to greet the day. She was having a good day and week and was excited about going camping the following night. We had a great exchange.”

The mother and daughter stayed in contact throughout the day and last spoke at around 11.30pm that night when Kiely texted to say she would be setting off on the 25-30 minute drive home from the party.

“She said she’d be leaving at 12.15 and was going to start heading home,” said Ms Rodni-Nieman.

That was the last time she heard from her daughter.


Despite 500 tips investigators still lack clues

Despite hundreds of tips pouring in from the public, investigators appear to be no further forward in locating the missing teen.

On Thursday, Placer County Sheriff’s Office revealed that the multi-agency taskforce working on the case had received more than 500 tips since Kiely was reported missing on Saturday morning.

Some tips have come from outside of California and investigators are following up on more than 380 leads.

However, investigators are growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress in tracking down the missing teen.

Nevada County Sheriff Captain Sam Brown said in Thursday’s press conference that “we are still lacking clues” and that they don’t have “an exact spot” around which to focus the search.

He admitted that was “unusual” especially when the teen’s 2013 Silver Honda CRV is also missing.


Authorities activated CodeRed emergency alert

Authorities in California have activated the CodeRed emergency alert as the search continues for Kiely Rodni.

Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Captain Sam Brown announced the alert had been launched at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

“We have about an 80 percent enrollment for Nevada County, so out of our 100,000 residents, that message should hit about 80,000 residents,” he said.

“We have other countries that are even asking and wanting to talk to the family, so there’s support, I think because people feel like they could be even in this same situation themselves. We just want word out so that more eyes are out because we don’t have an exact spot to look for, and that is unusual — especially with a large object like a car.”

An Amber Alert has not been issued for the missing teen because officials said the case does not meet the criteria because there is no evidence that she was abducted.


Police shut down online rumours

Investigators were forced to shut down false rumours that circulated online claiming that Kiely had been spotted.

Audio alleged to be from a police scanner was posted online on Thursday, reporting a possible sighting of the missing teen and her car.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office responded to the rumours confirming that they were “untrue”.


Kiely Rodni’s mother refuses to give up hope

Kiely Rodni’s mother said she is refusing to let herself think of the worst possible scenario but said that not knowing what has happened to her daughter is “a very difficult place” to be in.

Lindsey-Rodni-Nieman told The Independent on Thursday: “The mind reels and I think that our imagination is our best asset and our worst enemy and I don’t want to give power to any of my worst thoughts by speaking them out and making them words.”

The family is just holding onto hope that “one day this is a memory and when that day comes she’ll be back with us”, she said.


Kiely’s best friend says she ‘just wants her back’

Kiely’s best friend Magdalene Larson has said she “just wants her back” as the search entered its sixth day.

“I just want her to come back and be OK and just to know that she’s loved and that we all looked for her and that we all loved her through this and stuff,” she told KCRA3.

Ms Larson described her best friend as “such a vibrant person” with “so much energy”.

The two best friends met briefly aged nine at an art camp but became close a few years later when their mother’s became friends.

“My parents decided that we’re going to hang out and that I was going to be friends with their daughter and that’s just what happened,” she said.

It was when they went on a three-hour walk together one day that their friendship was cemented and they have been best friends since.

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