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Netflix’s Do Revenge looks like Heathers for 2022

In the grand tradition of Heathers, Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, and Jennifer’s Body, comes Netflix’s Do Revenge — a dark comedy about two high-school girls teaming up to get revenge on those who did them wrong.

Riverdale’s Camila Mendes stars as Drea, the former it-girl at her high school whose reputation plunges after her boyfriend (Dash and Lily’s Austin Abrams) releases their sex tape. She partners with awkward transfer student Eleanor (Maya Hawke of Stranger Things fame), who wants revenge on old bully Clarisse, who started a damning rumor about her at summer camp years ago. Together, the two have a plan to burn their adversaries to the ground.

With the pastel aesthetic, plaid skirts, croquet mallets, and jokes about possibly killing classmates, it’s clear that Do Revenge is drawing from Heathers and the pantheon of dark teenage girl comedies, but updated for the 2020s. The movie comes from Someone Great director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

Do Revenge hits Netflix on Sept. 16.

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