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Woman Who Fled Communist China Delivers Grim Warning to Americans ‘Abandoning Freedom and

A woman who survived and fled China’s Communist Revolution is warning Americans against what she sees as an abandonment of freedom and a dangerous embrace of socialism.

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“I just want to say it’s so ironic — 36 years ago, I run away from socialism when I left China to come to this great country for freedom,” Xi Van Fleet said on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” “Today, so many Americans [are] abandoning freedom and arriving into socialism.”

Fleet said these people do not understand socialism and have no concept of what it is like to live under its precepts.

In such, a closely monitored and controlled society, she said there are “no choices” and “no freedom,” appealing to her own experience to corroborate her contentions.

“I lived under Mao’s socialism. When the government controls everything and makes all the decisions big and small and decide how much grain, meat [and] cooking oil I could have,” she said. “What I should learn in school, where I should live, and what job I should have and how I should think.”

Van Fleet said there is an intentional intent to weaken and dilute the word “socialism,” explaining how socialism is the first stop on the perilous pathway to communism.

“China is a socialist country. Cuba is a socialist country, and so is North Korea. They are a socialist country run by communist parties,” she said. “And what’s the difference? What’s the difference between socialism and communism? Not much.”

Van Fleet added, “Socialism is the initial stage of communism, according to Karl Marx.”

This isn’t the first time Van Fleet has spoken out about her experience, warning last year that efforts to silence parents speaking out about contentious issues in schools are similar to crackdowns she saw at the hands of Chinese Communist Party officials.

Van Fleet specifically spoke at the time about disparaging labels given to parent protestors by the National School Boards Association.

“When I was in China, I spent my entire school years in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so I’m very, very familiar with the communist tactics of how to divide people, how they canceled the Chinese traditional culture and destroyed our heritage,” told Fox News last year. “All this is happening here in America.”

Van Fleet continued, “They call them racists for a long time, but that did not work. So, they have to upgrade to ‘domestic terrorists.’”

The situation in China today remains contentious and dangerous for many.

Van Fleet’s warnings — considering the history — are undoubtedly noteworthy for Americans navigating the difficult moments of the current political structure.

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