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MA Real Estate Transfers


37 Algonquin Ave: Richard C. Manjoney and Rosanne Schipani to Kimberly and Jillian A. Middlemiss, $1,125,000

16 Balmoral St Unit 301: David W. Wright to AVK Enterprises LLC, $275,000

15 Blackberry Ln: Daniel M. and Katherine E. Grondin to Christopher P. and Jenna Macphee, $1,225,000

750 Brookside Dr Unit E: James M. Mcgonigle to Oleg Suru, $360,000

100 Central St: Clipper RT and Dennis A. Barous to Kindred Homes Inc, $400,000

2 Christian Way: Gur D Singh RET and Gur D. Singh to Laxmikant and Archana Sharma, $1,255,000

8 Donald Cir: Lih Yen&Tzai Y Hsieh RET and Lih Yen Hsieh to Evan H. and Emily R. Michals, $850,000

60 Elm St: Ronald A. and Claire L. Radice to 84 Andover Street LLC, $775,000

8 Knollcrest Dr: Gregory and Pamela Wilkie to Christopher C. and Sonya S. Manocchio, $1,400,000

30 Lowell Junction Rd: TJ RT and Thomas W. Goddard to 30 Lowell Junction LLC, $7,000,000

4 Montclair Ave: Jay S. and Kimberly Sousa to John and Maria Sullivan, $990,000

122 N Main St: Dawn Fisher-Salk to Buxton Redevelopment LLC, $550,000

9 Pioneer Cir: Marcia Walsh to JKK RT and Joy Eaton-Nemergut, $865,000

30 Stoneybrook Cir: William T. and Deborah J. Maclellan to James and Morgan Deng, $1,705,000


3 Mill Run Rd: Sadacca Family Hldg T and Judith C. Sadacca to Daniel J. and Stephanie A. Walsh, $865,000

111 Woodcrest Dr: James M. and Kathleen A. Mcdermott to Emma H. and Ryan J. Dono, $980,000


99 Bouchard Ave: Robert P. Doherty and Kelsey E. Oconnor to Nana Y. Boateng and Peace Akorlatse, $550,000

100 Cass Ave Unit B22: DCR Development LLC to Brian N. Curley, $275,000

19 Colonial Dr: David H. and Erin L. Sylvester to Jahzmin M. Walker and Corey A. Halliday, $650,000

50 Lakeshore Dr: Priscilla G Mccarthy LT and Priscilla G. Mccarthy to 50 Lakeshore Dr LLC, $200,000

235 Salem Rd: Gary and Debra Lucas to John Campbell and Katelyn Tobin, $780,000

346 Salem Rd: Stephen and Jaclyn Phair to Michael Sunde and Kimberly Casey, $569,900

74 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 38: Joseph A. Dambrosio to Jared R. Kern, $317,500

84 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 50: Christopher Rudulier and Nicole Rewuski to Marina A. Mello, $317,000

179 Tyngsboro Rd: Jennifer L. Warren to Winwin Properties LLC, $213,000


48 West St: J M M RT and Jeanne M. Mulligan to Katherine Riley, $602,500


154 Center St: 460 Merrimack LLC to HKL Realty LLC, $1,250,000

5 Groveland Commons Way Unit 5: Stephen J. Lamonica to Julie Segalla, $425,000

6 Main St: Victoria A. and James W. Farrell to Ne Edual&Dev Supports Ctr, $620,000


27 14th Ave: Bradford J. Brooks and Lloyd Jenning to Marcos Amaya and Noemi Rodriguez, $450,000

29 Belmont Ave: Rae L. Boisselle to Michael P. Sheehan, $164,000

20 Blaisdell St Unit 3: Derek Montalto to Emily E. Clark, $260,000

71-73 Blaisdell St: Scott K. and Pamela P. Ruane to Israle Villegas-Diaz and Julissa M. Urena, $580,000

1081 Boston Rd: Karen Bandhauer-Conte to Carol and Jose C. Hernandez, $549,000

1352 Broadway: Saida Hilario to A Stankiewicz 2012 T and Amy Stankiewicz, $644,000

167 Concord St: Andrew Sieminski to Michelle Davignon, $500,000

4-6 Davis Pl: Essex North Prop LLC to Joseph Greene, $551,000

19 Forest St: Ryan W. and Gia M. Elliott to Michael and Samantha Mastone, $600,000

82 Fountain St: Kenneth G. and Shakira K. Foreman to Chase F. and Tara Bianchi, $476,000

27 Hamel Way Unit 27: Nicole Murphy to Andrew Hunter, $445,000

2 Iris Way Unit 167: Clifford A. and Mary B. Poth to Penelope A. Bardsley, $350,000

120 Lakeview Ave: Rachel A. and Richard W. Scruton to David Wells and Jordan Perkins, $520,000

18 Lilac Ln Unit 18: Roland R. and Mary A. Jacques to Alexander and Katherine Mccampbell, $455,000

40 Locke St: FC Haverhill LLC to Locke Street Owner LLC, $77,000,436

25 Oak Ter: Samantha E. and Joshua Canfield to Mariela E. Toribio, $520,000

83 Standish Rd: Thu Pham and Tran Huyen-Pham to Rkaco LLC, $210,000

41 Thomas Ave: Frank E. and Jenna L. Wallack to Cristal Taveras, $475,000

472 W Lowell Ave: Travis Wilson to Kristen Cullity, $365,000

132 W Meadow Rd Unit 75-1F: Christina F. Coady to John P. Arahovites, $234,900

150 Washington St: 150 Washington Street LLC to Gacema Inc, $290,000

436 Washington St: Christopher M. and Tina Delmonte to Jazguel A. Rivas-Martinez, $532,000

141 White St: E-Z Way RT and Donna L. Carbone to DMJA Realty LLC, $130,000

21 Wingate St Unit 405: Benedetti Maryann R Est and Faith A. Benedetti to Charle Maroun, $205,000


121 Farley St: Jose A. and Gladys Perez to Vicente J. Perez and Ralmadys D. Mella-Perez, $520,000

33-35 Floral St: Albert A. Maciariello to Juan Arias and Fernando A. Pena, $630,000

469 Hampshire St Unit B: John Sorbello to Yemar R. Matias, $250,000

469 Hampshire St Unit A: Giovanni Sorbello to Yudelka M. Hidalgo, $275,000

476-1/2 Haverhill St: Nelson Garcia to Ramon R. Mireles-Brito and Wendy M. Gonzalez, $724,000

26 Hofmann Ave: Dhariana M. Gonzalez to Lisandro Dejesus, $650,000

25 Kingston St: Wayne D. Fields to Nicolas Eqsuea-Cruceta and Maria Cueva, $335,000

30-36 Lawrence St: Deacy Building Rt LLC to Broadway Lodging LLC and OPC Realty LLC, $3,550,000

68-70 Manchester St: Alfredo Givseppi-Biajoli and Roberta P. Biajoli to Carlos A. Acevedo and Keury Josbel-Acevedo, $690,000

38 Orchard St: Josepina Cepeda and Antonio Mora to Porfirio Brito-Leocadio and Rosa Mora, $600,000

334-336 Park St: Christopher R. York to Romain and Florence M. Strecker, $650,000

16 Rockwood Ln: Kevin D. and Laurie J. Crowley to Yuremi A. Demercedes and Manuel A. Mercedes-Lizardo, $504,000

115-117 Saratoga St: Ventura Borgen RET and Maribel M. Ventura to Rogelia M. Calderon and Keyli Burgos, $600,000


12 Ashley Ln Unit 12: Luongo Sandra S Est and James R. Rigoli to M Martello RT and Mary T. Martello, $650,000

40 Danbury Dr Unit 6: James M. Jacobs to Yanis Ortiz-Gondre, $199,900

10 Edgar St: Yolanda A. Lopez to Benny L. and Leslie Montanez, $510,000

3 Falmouth St: Shannon M. Mccallion to Gary and Ashley Famiglietti, $535,000

48 Hill St: Catherine M. and David H. Ferguson to Michael J. and Catherine L. Gibbon, $760,000

7 Hilltop Rd: Sheila A. and James T. Collins to Maylen T. De Paiz and Uriel D. Tejada, $485,000

37 Maplewood Ave: Howley Allan P Est and Renee Howley to Rafic Saadi, $289,900

50-52 Mystic St: George A. Martin to Craig M. Lebrun and Karina Soto, $630,000

175 Old Ferry Dr: Russell Richardson to Covest Properties LLC, $250,000

36 Pine Tree Dr Unit 36: John A. and Kathleen A. Coppola to Richtsmeier T and Steven C. Richtsmeier, $780,000

83 Pine Tree Dr Unit 83: Steven D. and Donna M. Lizotte to Elizabeth Goldstein, $860,000

447 Prospect St: Mark D. Mastrangelo to JMG Real Estate LLC, $350,000

24 Rebecca Way Unit 24: George Realty LLC to John A. and Kathleen A. Coppola, $675,000

35 Webb St: Midtown Services LLC to David and Donna M. Shaw, $303,500


173 Coachmans Ln: Anne M. Issenberg to Jerel and Mascia Defrancesco, $1,100,000

120 Edgelawn Ave Unit 9: Corcoran RET 2019 and Walter J. Corcoran to Wellerson B. De Almeida, $360,000

29 Edmands Rd: Kristine L. Laporte and Kathleen J. Burton to Joseph M. and Kristen M. Clarke, $675,000

52 Farrwood Ave Unit 2: Stephen and Becky Desimone to Brenlley Properties LLC, $218,000

4 Fernview Ave Unit 3: Jason Mahir and Yossri Kairlis to Molly Lonergan and Joshua Brown, $307,000

340 Foster St: LCD FT and Chad J. Downer to Rachel and Marcel Cuffy, $785,000

280 Holt Rd Unit 4: Haines Lma RT and Wiilliam T. Haines to Rodney and Elizabeth Lippold, $70,000

9 Princeton St: Essex Black RT and Deborah A. Leblanc to David and Linda Walker, $585,000

103 Rosemont Dr: Steven L. and Susan G. Morandi to Emily S. Camp, $1,242,000

1 Scott Cir: Arthur M. and Michelle L. Durkin to Alecia R. and Ross L. Turner, $1,210,000

35 Wood Ave Unit 35: Rachel Azer to Rachel A. Eustis and Mathews Campos, $408,000

111 Woodcrest Dr: James M. and Kathleen A. Mcdermott to Ryan J. and Emma H. Dono, $980,000


491 Park St: James R. and Deborah A. Alley to John and Hwa C. Purdy, $650,000

17 Tower Hill Rd: Deborah Rocklin to Adelaida Palla-Cachorro and Daniel Cardona-Naranjo, $700,000


123 Cable Ave Unit B: David Z. Lippman to Peter and Angeline Kinnon, $520,000

12 Cushing St: Johanna B Page RET and Johanna B. Page to Alyssa Schatzel, $516,000

4 Derby Ln Unit A: Daniel E. and Nicole M. Lassik to Christine P Donahue T and Christine P. Donahue, $655,000

11 Locust St: Knowles IRT and Timothy W. Knowles to Derek Roundy, $285,000

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